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3 Cost-Effective Ways To Add A Fence To Your Property
Adding a fence to your property makes your house more secure, attractive, and gives you some privacy, but it can be a pricey project to take on. Buying an aluminum fence might be as expensive as $76 per linear foot, or a wrought iron fence can run up to $34 per linear foot.
Wood fencing is a more cost-effective option valued between $17 and $45 per linear foot, depending on the type of wood you need, but you might want to consider repurposing wooden pallets. This can be an environmentally friendly, sturdy option for a very low price, but your fence might not be as tall or chic as you want.
Privet, a commonly used plant to create hedges, is a great option for fencing and can get up to 15 feet tall and 4 to 8 feet wide without a lot of maintenance, but be careful as it can be toxic and doesn’t look great all year round. Vertical garden walls are another way to incorporate fencing while creating your own arrangement of plants and flowers, too.