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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good
Clean Up
Instead of combatting bad odors in your space, it's easier to add pleasant smells to a clean, neutral environment. Begin by thoroughly cleaning carpets and furniture, throwing out spoiled products from your fridge, and properly taking care of pet odors.
Use Scents
From floral, fresh, earthy, and sweet scents to refreshing, citrus flavors like orange and lemon, there are an endless number of choices. Spicy scents, like cinnamon, feel cozy while woody scents smell natural and classic.
Use The Kitchen
If you love bakery smells, you can make your home smell good through cooking! Bake some sweet goods like banana bread, cookies, and cinnamon rolls for their lovely aroma, or simmer a combination of rosemary, sage, orange peels, vanilla, and ginger on the stove.