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3 Gardening Mistakes Everyone Makes When It's Super Hot Out
When temperatures are above 104ºF, your plants cannot live unless precautions are taken, and they should not be transplanted, fertilized, or pruned during heatwaves. If your plant’s leaves are turning brown and the flowers or buds are dropping, then that's a sign they need shade and water.
Too Much Sun
In extreme heat, your plant’s leaves can burn, their flowers will drop, and their roots will dry out, especially if they are in dark-colored pots. Move them to a shady area, or if your plants are planted in the ground, set up a beach umbrella to create shade.
The hottest part of the day is midday, and you shouldn’t water your plants during this time since it will evaporate before reaching the plant’s roots. The best times to water are in the early morning or evening, and potted plants will need to be watered twice a day during these times.
Young plants have a fragile root system that is close to the surface, so they are more likely to dry out. Transplanting mature plants is also dangerous as you expose the soil to heat when digging, causing water to evaporate, so it's crucial to water after planting.