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3 Ideas For Keeping Your Grill Safe And Clean This Summer
Grilling food originated in the 17th century from the South American, Arawak Tribe and is now a signature summer pastime all over the world. In 1897, Ellsworth B. A. Zwoyer designed the grill we commonly use today, but despite all the fun family time spent around a grill, you still need to take care of it to ensure it's not a risk to your space or food.
Clean Regularly
Clean your grill after each use to get rid of harmful amino acids and cancer-causing materials. First, set it to its highest setting to caramelize all the residue for 15 minutes, use a grill brush to scrape it off, and wipe down your grates with a canola-soaked paper towel.
Check Propane Tanks
It is essential to check for any gas leaks before using your grill. To do this, fill a container with soap and water, use a paintbrush to lather the solution onto your grill’s gas tank and hose, and then turn it on and look for any bubbles that signify a gas leak.
Location And Stability
You need your grill in a completely outdoor environment away from any structures. It’s recommended to position your grill at least 10 feet away from your home on flat and even ground to avoid tipping over and causing a fire or severe harm to others.