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3 Mistakes People Make When Adding A Ceiling Fan To A Room
If ceiling fans aren’t installed properly, you could be facing some serious safety hazards, so you need to consider more than just the design. When thinking about installing a ceiling fan, think about the location, size, and maintenance, and here are some mistakes to avoid.
Too Close To Furniture
A ceiling fan creates a soft, gentle airflow, but make sure it is not too close to any furniture as it can block the turbulence of airflow and make it move in an unpleasant pattern. You also want to make sure no pets, like cats, can easily reach the pull chain.
The Wrong Size
Carefully measure your room dimensions before buying a fan to know which sweep size (the diameter of the circle formed when the fan is on) is best for your space. Also, consider the cubic feet per minute (CFM) the fan moves to make sure you have the preferred speed for your room.
Neglecting Maintenance
Dust your fan weekly to remove any dust that can collect over time and damage the motor. Also, make sure to read your owner’s manual for your fan’s specific maintenance needs, such as adding oil from time to time.