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3 Savvy Ways To Install Curtains Without A Curtain Rod
Curtains not only add an aesthetic appeal and comfort to your home, but they also help prevent dust from entering open windows without restricting airflow and ventilation. Typically, they are placed on a curtain rod, but here are some clever ways to hang your curtains if you want to stray from the traditional look.
Upholstery Tacks
While affordable with a variety of shapes and sizes, upholstery nails aren't able to slide, and you should instead use a tie to draw them open. Pleat your curtains beforehand, and to install, start at the corner of your window and secure the nails 3 inches apart.
Tree Branch
For an organic design, tree branches are great to use, especially during holidays. First, saw off any unwanted bits, smooth the branch using sandpaper, and then secure brackets for it to rest on — note that heavier curtains will need bigger branches.
Using rope to hang your curtains is perfect for barnyard and farmhouse aesthetics, and you’ll just need to secure hooks at the ends of your window to support it. Ropes can easily support heavy material, and installing it can be a fun activity for everyone at home.