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3 Things You Should Stop Storing Beneath Your Bed Right Now
As convenient as it is to stuff things under your bed, some items can block the airflow that keeps your mattress dry and mess up the feng shui of your space. Even if you have a bed with built-in drawers for storage, here are some things you shouldn’t store under your bed.
Important Papers
Aside from damage from dust and bugs, one of the first places thieves look when they break into your home is under your bed and mattress. Instead, invest in a safe to protect important documents and items from robbers and fires.
Stored Clothing
Storing clothes under your bed is actually a good choice as it’s a temperature-controlled area, but they need to be stored properly. Even if you have a storage bed with drawers, use vacuum-sealed bags to protect against bugs and dust or plastic totes with wheels.
Heavy & Breakable Items
Avoid keeping heavy or breakable items under your bed because you can hurt yourself trying to get them out and damage your floors. Your bed frame might also break and crush the stuff stored underneath, and you can easily cut yourself trying to unpack them.