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The Seattle Times reports overwatering is one of houseplants' leading causes of death, as most indoor plants only need to be watered once a week or less. Sticking your finger in the soil is a simple way to check if a plant needs to be watered. Dirt will cling to your finger if the plant is adequately hydrated, and if the soil feels dry, the plant needs more moisture.
In addition to proper watering, Our Green Sanctuary lists light, temperature, airflow, and room size as crucial components that determine whether a plant will survive. Find out if a plant needs warmer or cooler temperatures before settling on a location, and make sure the plant won’t outgrow the room you’ve chosen.
Ultimately, the best way to learn about a plant’s needs is by doing research. The University of Georgia Extension suggests researching beyond the basics of light, water, and humidity by looking up what type of soil and fertilization your plant will require. It’s also a good idea to learn the signs of an unhealthy plant so you know when your houseplant needs extra care.