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3 Ways You Can Tell You Need A New Pool Liner
Having a pool in your backyard sounds amazing until you realize all the maintenance and costs that come with it. One thing you always have to keep up with is the lining of the pool, and while vinyl pool liners can last up to 15 years, there are certain conditions that shorten the lifespan, and this is how to figure out if you need a new liner.
Wrinkles can appear due to improper installation, damage to the wall under the vinyl, or old age. Having poor-quality liners may also cause wrinkles early on, and you’ll want to change the liner immediately so the foundation of the pool doesn’t damage.
One of the most common signs of a weak foundation is horizontal cracks along your walls, and thin, fine cracks are typical in the first couple of years after construction. Your foundation might be moving too much, so look out for thick cracks that go wall-to-wall or across several tiles.
Cracks And Tears
If you notice cracks or tears in your pool liner, you should replace it immediately so it doesn’t lead to bigger problems. The water level will lower drastically if not replaced, and you should at least patch up any cracks or tears yourself if you decide to not replace it.