large stack of wood pallets
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30 Beginner-Friendly Wood Pallet Projects Anyone Can Do
To make a comfortable chair, saw one or two wood pallets in half, depending on how wide you want it, then reposition the pieces, as explained by Funky Junk Interiors.
Garden Beds
You can build an inexpensive raised garden bed by dismantling some wood pallets, removing the nails, then assembling the frame, as Repurposing Junkie demonstrates.
Coffee Table
A quick and easy way to make a chunky rustic wooden coffee table is by cutting a wood pallet in half, sanding it, then painting or staining it to match your decor.
Small Garden Quest on YouTube shows how to turn a wood pallet into a herb garden wall by flipping some of the planks, making trenches to hold soil, then planting your herbs.
To create a flower pot display, cut a wood pallet in half, join the halves with hinges in an A-frame shape, then attach your pots to the frame with hooks or metal rings.