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30 Best
Accent Wall
Ideas To Liven
Up Your Home
Rainbow Stripes
Having a rainbow accent wall is a fun way to bring tons of color and character into a room. You can apply a few simple coats of paint to get the striped look or embrace your artistic side by painting a rainbow-colored mural.
Dark And Light
A dark blue accent wall looks great when paired with lighter-colored, neutral-toned art. To create your gallery, gather a collection of paintings and photographs that stand out against the blue paint, or order prints with similar colors and frames.
White Interiors
A white, textured wall looks great adjacent to a darker-colored wall with white curtains. Play around with visually interesting pieces like mirrors and wooden furniture to create an intimate area within a formal space.
Keeping things simple presents a great opportunity to have unexpected objects become a stunning accent in a minimalistic room. Black-edged furniture and monochromatic paintings echo an industrial starkness within the space while a wooden desk can add a touch of warmth.
Sheer And Macramé
Sheer curtains gently manipulate light by giving it a soft, bluish tint and they add billowy movement to any room. Macramé decor pairs excellently with sheer curtains by mimicking the flow of the fabric and is great for creating an airy accent wall.