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30 Incredibly Simple Pallet Wood Projects Even Beginners Can Do
1. Chairs
You will need one or two pallets per chair depending on how wide you want them to be. After sawing the pallets in half and rearranging the pieces into the desired structure, you’ll be left with a pretty comfortable chair.
2. Raised Garden
To make a raised garden bed, you may need to disassemble the wood pieces and remove the nails to rearrange them in the shape that you want. This project may take up to three hours to complete.
3. Coffee Table
First, saw the wood pallet in half and sand the rough spots with a hand sander or sandpaper. Then, paint the coffee table in your desired color or stain it in order to bring out the wood’s natural grain.
4. Herb Garden
If you want fresh herbs from your backyard, it’s easy to make a herb garden wall from wood pallets. Just flip over a few planks, fill the trenches with planting soil, and pot the herbs of your choice.
5. Flower Display
To display all your small potted plants in one place, make an A-frame with an old pallet. Cut the pallet in half and connect some hinges at the top, and then attach the flower pots to the frame with hooks or metal rings.