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30 Ways To Add A Touch Of Mid-Century Modern Style To Your Bedroom
Vintage Kids Bedroom
Inspired by the mid-century modern use of clean lines, we love this kids bedroom. With skinny peg-leg chairs and a stylish black and white dresser, it is the perfect fusion of mid-century modern and contemporary tastes.
Modern Workstation
The smooth, simple lines of the desk help keep your work day organized and less chaotic, and streamlined lighting helps to capture that mid-century feel. Be sure to notice these little details that can go a long way!
Savvy Studio
Make the most out of your studio apartment with hanging chairs and Murphy wall beds to maximize your space while adding a bit of flair. Try to keep as much open space as you can to maintain an airy feel.
Vintage Aesthetic
This room combines groovy posters and mid-century modern furniture to create the perfect vintage aesthetic. Pops of red and blue add some life to the room while complementing a cool navy chair in the corner.
Modern-Style Lamp
A great blend of contemporary and mid-century modern, this lamp is a timeless detail that can be added to any room. With a burgundy base and a unique red, brown, and yellow pattern, this lamp helps to add some spark to your room.