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4 Simple Tips For Decorating With Dark Colors
Contrary to what you may have heard, decorating with dark colors won't make your room feel uninviting and depressing. Bold, dark colors can work in any room, so whether you want a luxurious vibe or a cozy living room, there are plenty of ways to embrace dark decor in your home.
Size & Feel
Choose dark tones that give off the energy you want; for example, dark colors work well in a living or dining room, but in a bedroom, it may feel too formal. Dark walls make a small room feel cozy and sophisticated, and in a large room, bold and opulent colors make it appear grandiose.
Pops of Color & Light
Incorporate contrasting hues in your decor with metallic light fixtures or pastel-colored soft furnishings for a glamorous look. Vibrant artwork or neon lights stand out against a dark background, but if you’re unsure whether you want to paint the whole room, an accent wall is a safe bet.
Add Depth
Decorating your room with dark decor will bring your look together for a multidimensional feel. Layering different fabrics like velvet and suede can make a room feel cozy, so if your bedroom has dark walls, consider using navy blue bedding with soft furnishings in subtly different shades.
Architectural Detailing
Take advantage of existing architectural details in your space by painting them a bold color. If you don’t want to commit to dark walls, paint wooden features like skirting boards, door frames, beams, or paneling to bring depth and color into the room.