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4 Tips For Keeping Your Entryway Clean And Organized
Install Hooks
Hooks are an easy way to eliminate clutter as they hang masks, keys, bags, or accessories, and free up horizontal surfaces. You can choose a stylish design, buy Command hooks, or make your own cute hooks or pegboard to personalize your space.
Organize Your Shoes
Use a shoe rack, closet, cubbies, or organizers to keep your shoes tidy and avoid messy piles. You can also keep a neat row of shoes lined against the wall, but be sure to limit the number of pairs out at a time, and store any shoes that are not frequently used.
A Place To Set Things
You’re bound to set down small items when entering your home, so having a catchall tray, mail organizer, or basket can catch any clutter that piles up. Observe the types of objects you accumulate to determine the type of storage solution you need.
Store Vertically
For smaller homes, it’s best to use your vertical space with hanging shelves, racks, hooks, or stackable storage bins to make your entryway look clean and organized. Be sure to choose high-quality materials that are sturdy and won’t wear out quickly.