Elaborate wooden cabin
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40 Designs For Small Cabins You Can DIY
Wood Panels
For a take on a classic style, this cabin features vertical wood panels for a subtle, unique touch. Construction may be a little trickier, but the effect is worth it.
Wood panels can be painted for a more chic look, like the sleek coat of gray on this cabin's exterior. Cute details and a wrap-around garden add cottage-like hints.
Combine your love of nature and modern style in this cabin with rectangular windows, wood exterior, and a rich finish for a natural yet minimalist option.
With a simple construction, this adorable cabin may remind you of your days as a kid at summer camp but is upgraded with large windows, a stylish door, and spacious deck.
Having a mobile cabin means you can take it with you wherever you travel. This design has a bright interior, big windows, and solar panels for plenty of power.