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40 Indoor Plants That Can Grow
In Water Indefinitely
Philippine Evergreen
The Philippine evergreen plant is an herbaceous perennial that prefers its soil to be consistently moist; however, it will also grow if its roots are submerged entirely in water with no soil. They require low or medium light, bloom in the summer and fall, and grow to be one or two feet tall.
Chinese Evergreen
Chinese evergreens are similar to the Philippine evergreen plant, but can be distinguished by their darker green foliage and better ability to withstand low light conditions. They require low to medium indirect light, bloom in the summer, and grow to be one to three feet tall and two to four feet wide.
Moth Orchid
Moth orchids send out aerial roots that grow above their container, which allows you to grow them without soil if you provide their roots with some water via a water tray with pebbles. They require bright indirect light, bloom from winter to spring, and grow up to three feet tall.
Chinese Money Plant
The Chinese money plant is a unique Asian plant with circular green leaves on thin stems, and you can grow it successfully by keeping its cuttings in water with a coarse substrate. It requires bright to medium indirect light, blooms from winter to spring, and grows eight to twelve inches tall.
Inch Plant
The inch plant is loved for its dark purple, green, and white leaves and is difficult to kill, as the stems can be easily removed and propagated in water. It requires bright indirect light and grows six to twelve inches tall.