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5 Colors You Should Never Paint A Kitchen
While red is great as an accent color, it can be a bit too much if it covers the majority of the kitchen. Psychological studies also show that red increases a person’s appetite, so while it’s good to be hungry in the kitchen, you don’t want to encourage overeating.
Bright Yellow
Painting a kitchen bright yellow can distract from the other design elements that you expended time and money on, such as the lights and countertops. As yellow is also a warm color, if your kitchen already gets a lot of sunlight, the color will only add to the heat.
While colors like beige and tan may seem safe, they can actually make your kitchen look boring and unwelcoming. You may also find that these colors are not actually neutral, as they don’t really complement other elements like stainless steel appliances or patterned dining furniture.
Dark Green
Dark green and other bold colors can make a kitchen look dirty and also cast shadows that can actually affect visibility. Unconventional dark colors may also turn away potential buyers when you’re trying to sell your home, so stick to antique green and light green if you want an earthier tone.
While white is another safe and popular color, it can also make your kitchen feel like a hospital. Everything also stands out against a white background, so things like food and grease stains, as well as scuffs and scratches, will be more noticeable on white cabinets and walls.