Morning light leaking into a modern style bathroom giving a very moody and premium look.
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5 Colors You Should Never Paint Your Bathroom
Bright White
White is often a go-to color for walls, but a stark white tends to feel as if you are walking into a hospital. It doesn't offer much warmth, stains easily, and reflects the surrounding colors rather than remaining white, so look into off-white and cream hues instead.
Our culture has created a very eerie sense of red rooms, as they are used in numerous thriller and horror films, so it’s not a very relaxing color for a bathroom. Red walls drown out other accents and décor and are tricky to pair with other colors, so avoid it for your walls.
Pink gives off a youthful and playful essence, not one that eases the mind early in the morning or late before bed, and the pronounced color can feel very overdone if too much of it is in one space. Since bathrooms are typically not the largest rooms, pink walls will feel overwhelming most of the time.
Given that lighting and space are critical factors in a bathroom, you should avoid painting your bathroom walls black, as it will suck away much of the natural lighting and give the room a stuffy and claustrophobic feel. Instead, use black for crisp accents in your hardware, tile, and marble.
At first glance, gold paint has a sophisticated and elegant edge that might seem perfect for your bathroom, but it tends to look outdated as it was popular in the 70s. In addition, gold can easily look more like a muddy yellow when paired with darker accents, making the room dull.