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5 Colors You Should Never Paint Your Home Office
White is a common color in offices, clinics, and banks, as it makes a space feel professional and tidy. However, studies have shown that too much of a neutral color can make you feel unproductive, drained of inspiration and energy, and unhappy or depressed.
Our bodies produce a strong physical reaction to the color red, which can put you on edge and result in overstimulation during long work hours. If you want to use red in your office, it’s best to cut down to hints of it and use earthy, calm, muted hues.
Yellow is a bubbly color that can make a space feel cozy, but it will also make a room feel smaller and evoke strong emotions, which isn’t ideal for a work environment. This color can also cause eye fatigue, which is already a problem for those who look at screens for work.
Bright Green
While bright green can boost your creativity, it won't be calming enough to allow you to sit for long amounts of time. If you have a creative job and need that push while you work, opt for an emerald or leafy green color instead.
Avoid brown in a home office because it won't reflect natural light, causing you to depend on other light sources. Brown and other dark colors can also emphasize the lack of space in a small room and make it feel serious and heavy.