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5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Blue Into Your Home Décor
Go Monochrome
Set the blue mood — make the same shade of blue consistent throughout an entire room, or use lighter and darker hues to bring a blue room together. Whatever blue pieces you choose to build your monochrome room, make it fun and creative.
Be Bold In The Kitchen
Keep the earthy tone of your kitchen with neutral colors, while adding an eye-popping shade of blue to cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, floors, light fixtures, and tiles. For a bit more, incorporate blue appliances like a stove, blender, tea kettle, breakfast nook table, or curtains.
Use Multiple Surfaces
Whether it's with area rugs, carpeting, or drapes, embellish your room with your favorite shade of blue. You might decorate your windows with solid blue fabric curtains or paint a particular area of your space like an accent wall, ceiling, or floor.
Position your blue décor in practical areas like bookshelves, coffee tables, and furniture. You can include a variety of shades to achieve the color's subtle appearance with decorative pieces like blankets, lampshades, pillows, and vases.
Be Bold
If you have a large statement piece like a balcony, chandelier, exposed staircase, or railing, enhance its presence further with a bold blue color. For example, modernize an old metal chandelier by painting it a captivating blue.