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5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Green Into Your Home Decor
Green Tiles
Use tiles to create a kitchen backsplash or line your shower with hues of green. Pastel mint is a popular kitchen color while a deep, emerald green works best in bathrooms to create a relaxing, calm vibe.
Green Wallpaper
Accent walls or entire rooms can be transformed with green wallpaper that has floral, jungle, or abstract designs. Green wallpaper energizes you and encourages you to seize new opportunities, but a nature scene can make your space feel peaceful and elegant.
Decorate With Plants
Plants add character to your space while giving your room a living element that you’ll need to care for. Plants can be placed on tables, stands, benches, or hung in your window, and be sure to think about the size, drainage holes, and material of your pots, as well.
Green Furniture
Emerald green furniture never goes out of style, and incorporating these accents can make your space feel elegant. Consider adding a velvet green couch or bedding, or you can transform outdated, wooden pieces by painting them green.
Mix With Colors
While green mixed with neutral colors creates a chic, modern space, pairing it with other colors can make your elements look bolder or more peaceful. Mixing yellow and green energizes your space, but a blue and green combination creates pure serenity.