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5 Easy Ways To Fix Pet Damage Around The House
Chewing Furniture
Chewing or licking furniture can be an act of boredom, or it can signal distress from incoming teeth, disorders, allergies, or nutritional deficiencies. Buy them chew toys to distract them, or apply an anti-chew spray or a squirt of lemon to your furniture.
Scratches & Tear Marks
To avoid damage from scratching, trim your pet’s nails for less visible marks, or get them a bed so they have a comfortable place to snooze. Take your dog for a 30-minute daily walk or engage them in activities to also keep them from scratching out of boredom.
Spoiled Furniture
Your pets can accidentally pee, poop, and vomit from anxiety or excitement, so potty training your pets is the first step to avoiding mishaps. However, you’ll also want to invest in low-cost floor coverings and rugs that you can change quickly when soiled.
Coming In With Dirt
Your pets will often track in dirt after walking or playing outside, so use paw wipes or doormats that can absorb any filth on their paws before entering. You can invest in booties to wear outside which will also protect their feet if the ground is too hot or cold.
Pets Shedding Fur
While shedding is a natural process, your pet’s hair can clog your electronic appliances and computers, causing them to break down or overheat. Be sure to regularly vacuum behind your appliances and use compressed air to clean your computers.