A luxurious bathroom with a large window
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5 Easy Ways
To Get On Board With TikTok's 2024 Bathroom Design Trend
Use Wood Slats
Design a chevron pattern with wood slats in the bathroom. Cut ¼-inch 4-by-8 plywood into four strips and give each side a 45-degree angle cut to make the pattern.
Mark the wall's center, then add the pieces using adhesive first and a nail gun to finish. To streamline, add a 1-inch wood border to each side, caulk it, then add paint.
Go Black
Homeowners often avoid dark, bold colors, but black is having a moment, especially in bathrooms, and can create an elegant oasis. Consider using it for your accent wall.
Add wood slats and paint them black, or paint one wall black. Complement the dark color with gold hardware and accessories, like mirrors, or add plants for a more natural vibe.
Hang Towels
You can solve your towel storage problem in the bathroom while also leaning into the accent wall trend by using wood boards, paint, and hooks to hang your towels.
Using half the wall, place wood slats about a towel-width apart, then paint and add wooden hooks. You can also add framed photos above each section and a colorful shower curtain.