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5 Elegant Flooring Options To Elevate Your Home
Herringbone Hardwood
Herringbone hardwood floors are a timeless option that spans back centuries, so whether a Victorian estate or a rustic farmhouse, this flooring is elegant, dynamic and interesting. Herringbone hardwood floors offer movement, style, and flair that always gets visitors talking.
Grand Porcelain Tile
This option is versatile, highly durable, and low maintenance. Tile Trader notes this tile works well in areas prone to moisture, as well as high-traffic spaces, with larger-sized tiles creating a sense of grandeur and palatial sensibility that elevates any room.
Checkerboard Calacatta
If you want a slightly English and classic aesthetic, this marble flooring option is an outstanding choice. In a grand space, the tiles should also be larger to reflect a sense of scale, and vice-versa, a smaller space would show better with smaller tiles.
Funky Vinyl
Warm hues and earthy tones are making a comeback, and funky vinyl tiles are not only easy to clean, but can achieve a variety of looks. Additionally, if you are a first-time homeowner looking for an affordable option, this is one that won't break the bank.
Concrete Flooring
Concrete offers an industrialized finish that works spectacularly in rooms that emphasize clean lines and loft-style spaces that warrant a lower maintenance approach. It can be customized for a chic, clean, or futuristic style, and can also withstand water, stains, and fire.