Headboard of a luxury bed
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5 Genius Solutions For A Unique Headboard On A Budget
A magnificent wall mural can elegantly frame your bed without requiring a headboard. Opt from pre-made murals, wallpapers, or paint your own to create a stunning backdrop.
Choose a mural that matches your existing decor. It's easy to create the illusion of a headboard with a mural that provides intricate details or textures.
Pallet Patterns
Recycle wood pallets and turn them into chic and savvy support units that sit nicely against your wall. They are easy to find and often available at no cost.
You can keep the original wood visible or sand the slats and paint them to match your decor. Then, place them behind the bed with gaps in between them or without any holes.
Pillow Pals
Consider using large cushions or pillows to create a headboard that is cozy and ergonomic. Simply place bigger, sturdier pillows visible behind those you sleep on.
Place the cushions against a wall or hang them from a rod you attach with nails above the bed. Then, sew on strips of fabric to the cushions to allow them to hang securely.