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5 Kitchen Trends You Should Ditch In Your Home
Chalkboard Walls
Chalkboard walls have a sentimental component, but they are played out and a little too unpolished for current tastes. Chalk is also dusty and messy, so in a humid kitchen environment, the chalk writing can start to run.
Earth-Toned Granite
No two slabs of granite are exactly alike, and the natural material is porous, requiring frequent sealing to maintain a sanitary and pristine surface. Many designers say shiny earth-toned or speckled black granite is a giveaway that your kitchen is old enough to deserve a renovation.
Shiplap & Farmhouse
Some farmhouse decor themes have become overused, including board and batten, wainscoting, and shiplap, and it requires skill to successfully incorporate them into contemporary builds. Cluttered rooms filled with cute phrases and worn collectibles are also out of style.
Patterned Tile
Busily patterned backsplashes can be an eye-catching feature, but the bold prints and colors are too effective at time-stamping a kitchen remodel. Replacing a backsplash is a difficult and costly endeavor, so instead, use classic and subdued materials offer more design flexibility and longevity.
Open Shelving
Interior decorator Liz Toombs shared, "Very few people are extremely tidy, and these shelves need an organized approach to stacking and storing dishes." Another downside is objects need to be dusted and de-greased frequently, particularly if located near the range.