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5 Magic Eraser Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs
Using It Dry
You need to wet magic erasers with a small amount of water, squeeze out the excess, and then start cleaning. If you use them dry, they may damage your items over time.
Adding water to the erasers allows them to absorb the dirt as they clean. You can use the melamine foam without water, but not moistening the sponges will make them more abrasive.
Not Wearing Gloves
After it's cured, the melamine resin in a magic eraser turns into 3,000- to 6,000-grit sandpaper, which causes rashes and burns. It can even sand your skin.
It's better to be safe and wear rubber gloves to prevent direct contact with the product. Doing this is even more essential if you have sensitive skin.
Skipping Patch Test
Magic erasers work by sanding off the top layer of the area that's dirty, so they can potentially damage surfaces like leather, wood, and shiny finishes.
Choose a hidden area on the item that requires cleaning, then move the eraser in small circles without pressing down too hard. If the test area seems okay, clean the entire item.