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5 Savvy Ways To Disguise Your Recycling Bin
Laundry Hamper
Standard-issue recycling bins aren’t aesthetically pleasing, so try using a laundry hamper instead. They usually come with multiple compartments that can be used to sort your garbage into bins of trash, recycling, or glass, but be sure to replace any fabric liners with hooks to hold a garbage bag.
Pull-Out Drawer
If you have a small kitchen, try adding a pull-out drawer under your counter to easily access your recycling bin. You can either make it so the door opens to reveal the sliding drawer or integrate your cabinet door into the system to pull out with the bin.
Side Table
For recycling areas that aren’t in your kitchen, consider turning a side table into a hidden recycling space. Attach a bin to the front panel of your side table so that the opening is visible when you tip it open, but make sure you add an interior stop mechanism so that it doesn't open all the way.
Outdoor Storage
To distract from having bins in your yard, wrap a waste bin screen around your trash and recycling bins to keep them hidden. You can also install a small garden or outdoor storage shed to keep your bins out of the elements.
Use tall, full plants like bamboo, rubber trees, and ficus plants to cover up your bins while improving your home’s air quality. You could also plant a small hedge or tree to keep them out of sight or dress up a chain link screen around your containers by cultivating climbing ivy plants.