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5 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Nursery Organized
Simplify Your Essentials
Focus on the basics and what you'll really need, like diapers, creams, clothes, and a hamper, and place them in a small basket within arm's reach of the changing area. Avoid investing in needless expenses like diaper disposal containers, wipe warmers, designer clothes, or baby shoes.
Functional Layout
You'll often be at a rocking chair, changing table, or crib, so it's important to put these in a convenient and safe area. A triangular layout is best as you'll have enough space to walk, and you might want to consider installing built-in shelves within an armoire to offer plenty of storage.
Diaper Station
Keep all your diaper necessities in one place, including diapers, wipes, clothes, and blankets. Consider using a dresser as your changing station so you have extra storage for the baby's wardrobe, but make sure to stabilize the changing pad on top with straps or some other adhesive or non-skid mat.
Cleaning Routine
Daily cleaning duties include removing soiled diapers and trash, wiping down fresh messes or stains, and disinfecting toys that are in your baby's mouth. Once a week, dust your shelves, furnishings, and ceiling fans while vacuuming or mopping the floor, and make sure the room isn't cluttered.
Pick one day a week to wash all blankets, clothes, diapers, rags, and sheets before it quickly accumulates. It’s useful to establish a routine and divide the baby's laundry by color or material, and while separating, you can also discard the outgrown items to avoid sorting them out later.