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5 Simple Ways To Bring Modern Spanish Style Into Your Home Decor
Exposed Beams
Exposed beams offer a raw appearance with smooth or rustic designs. Darker wood will accentuate lighter walls, and you can decorate with thick drapes, lavish light fixtures, intricate artwork, and wood furniture that will tie together the beams and natural elements in your space.
A staple of Spanish design, you can use bright colored or patterned tiles for your floors, walls, and surfaces. Saltillo flooring is one of the best options for this theme for its color and design, or try mixing terracotta and single-colored tiles with patterned ones.
Spanish-Style Antiques
Incorporate vintage tables, chests, chairs, stools, or small decorations that display natural elements like wood or iron with warm colors. Spanish homes focus more on the abode itself, so keep your accessories minimal to avoid covering every surface with clutter.
Rattan Furniture
Defined by its rustic appearance, Spanish colonial furniture focus on providing comfort and a pleasing aesthetic. Wicker and rattan furniture pair perfectly with terracotta tiles, stucco walls, and wrought iron designs to create a bungalow-style interior.
Tropical species can bring any home to life while providing an exotic vibe. Head to your local nursery for split-leaf philodendron, ZZ plants, and snake plants, like bowstring hemp, that will add a much-needed boost to your space and can even offer some benefits.