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5 Stylish Patio Door Plans That Will Perfectly Suit Your Home
Sliding Glass Doors
This timeless design is a great option for small, narrow spaces as it saves space while letting in plenty of light. You can customize the trim with wood, metal, or paint or add blinds and curtains, but professional installation can cost anywhere between $850 to $1,800.
Accordion Doors
For a bit more flair, accordion doors fold on top of one another which can be left open for parties or for ventilation. They even have safety features to prevent pinching as they open and can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,200 per square foot, not including installation.
French Doors
French doors can be made with wood, fiberglass, or vinyl materials and offer a soft, romantic look using two glass-paned doors that open at the center. They let in less light than accordion or sliding doors, but this whole project could only cost around $525.
Wood Trim
For a rustic vibe, you can add wood features to any door design. However, wood that’s made to look rustic can be a bit pricier, so you may want to check out local auctions, estate sales, or antique sellers for already weathered doors.
Storm Doors
Storm doors have an additional exterior glass or screen door that allows you to see outside while protecting against the elements. They average around $200 to $400 without installation, and you can easily paint them a bold, vibrant color to make them your own.