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5 Things To Consider Before Installing Quartz Countertops
Installation Costs
Quartz countertops are a costly investment, and depending on the quality of the slab you choose, there will be a significant difference in price. Factoring in installation prices, the cost can range from $50 per square foot on the lower end to up to $200 on the higher end.
While quartz countertops are heat and water-resistant, they are not recommended to be used in outdoor kitchens as sun exposure can cause discoloration and wind and rain can also cause negative effects. If you decide to use them outdoors, make sure the kitchen has a deck.
If your quartz countertops get stained, use dish soap or quartz-safe degreaser with a non-abrasive sponge. Sticky food residue can also be scraped off without worry as quartz is chip and scratch-resistant, but that doesn’t mean that you should directly chop food on its surface as it will leave marks.
For quartz countertops, there are different edge treatments, colors beyond white and gray, and finishes that are bright or matte. It’s important to know what kind of care different finishes require since, for example, matte surfaces will need to be wiped more often than glossy surfaces as fingerprint smudges will be more visible.
Hiring Experts
As quartz countertops are expensive and heavy, it’s important to leave the delivery and installation in the hands of professionals instead of trying to do it yourself. Also to keep in mind is that many warranties from manufacturers only cover installations that are performed by professional contractors.