Digital photo of a castor bean tick, Ixodes ricinus, carrier of diseases like tbe and borreliosis on a grassblade.
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5 Tips For Keeping Ticks Out Of Your Yard
Mow Your Lawn
Regularly mowing your lawn is one of the simplest methods to keep ticks out of your yard since ticks prefer moist, shaded conditions, and long grass offers the cover and protection that these pests require. Consider mowing your lawn every 10 days and trimming overgrown bushes.
Create a Barrier
Woodlands close to your lawn can be potential tick-harboring spots because of their soft and moist surfaces. Consider creating a 3-foot barrier with wood chips or gravel since they’re not only hot when the sun is out but also have a sharp texture that is a natural deterrent to ticks.
Keep Animals Away
Stopping wild animals from entering your yard is a good way to keep ticks at bay because ticks can latch onto them and fall in your yard. This can be accomplished by sealing any openings near the roof rafters, setting up a fence to keep animals out, or using traps to get rid of rats.
Tick-Eating Birds
Attracting tick-eating birds such as chicken, turkey, ducks, and guinea fowls will help to eliminate most of the ticks hidden in the yard and neighboring woodlands. Having a bird-friendly yard will attract different birds, including robins, that will help eliminate ticks in your yard.
Clear Debris
Ticks take cover under leaves, thick bushes or even furniture and lawn equipment. To prevent this, maintain proper hygiene by raking fallen leaves from your yard and storing your mowing equipment indoors, away from moisture, since ticks thrive in a dark and moist environment.