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5 Tips For Organizing Your Bathroom Vanity
Take Out & Sort
All your items should be functional and used often to save space in your bathroom, so throw out or finish any half-used products. Take everything out, and sort it into “keep,” “donate,” or “throw-away” piles while keeping in mind how much counter and cabinet space you have.
Clean Thoroughly
Deep clean your vanity to ensure that all the mold, mildew, dust, and dirt are removed before replacing your items. Keeping your space clean also makes a difference in the lifespan of your sink, cabinets, and countertops.
Daily Essentials
Determine what products you use on a daily basis and place them in your eyesight. Items that you don’t use as frequently, such as extra bars of soap, toilet paper, or special occasion items, can be assigned a place at the back of your cabinets for easy access.
Plan Morning & Night
Write down your morning and nightly routines to determine what products you and your loved ones use every day, and organize them on your countertop. For little items like hair clips, hair ties, or Q-tips, place them in a drawer with organizational inserts.
Functional Décor
Look for pretty containers to store items like cotton balls or catch-all dishes for jewelry, but only keep two or three functional items that match your style without cluttering your space. You can also have a functional cabinet that is customized to fit your needs.