UNSPECIFIED - JANUARY 27: Bradford Pear tree or Callery Pear tree flowers (Pyrus calleryana), Rosaceae. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
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5 Trees You Might Want To Think Twice Before Planting In Your Yard
Sweet Gum
These produce distinct seed pods, which drop in abundance once their leaves turn, and often cause painful injuries when stepped on or struck by. Cleanup and maintenance are burdensome, as there's a never-ending supply of these bad boys dropping continuously out of the sky.
Bradford Pear
These produce aesthetically pleasing small white flowers every spring, only they smell awfully funky. According to the University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture, these “homewreckers” are super fragile and are known to split, crack, and break off in high winds.
Oak Tree
These enormous trees have extremely deep root systems and grow to a height of 80 feet and a width of 40 feet. They produce many acorns and are deciduous, which means they shed a lot of leaves, and are infamous for breaking through or growing within pipes.
Female Ginkgo Biloba
One of the most beautiful and medicinally useful trees in the world will unfortunately assault your sinuses. The female ginkgo produces apricot-looking fruits and while its leaves are used medicinally, you'll want to stay away from its offensive stench bombs.
White Pine
These giants drop their needles every fall, covering anything within their vicinity in a thick layer of dead, brown detritus. Highly flammable, they’re unsuitable for dry, arid locations that have a mild climate and a fire season.