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5 Ways To Support Your Tomato Plants
Florida Weave
Saving space and time, the Florida weave is best suited for determinate tomatoes, because they grow more like bushes than vines and do not get too tall.
You’ll need sturdy metal stakes that are about 6 feet tall, like rebar or T-posts, to provide support. Jute twine or cotton string helps keep tomatoes upright between the posts.
Like the Florida weave, bamboo is best for determinate tomatoes. This product is also an exceptionally budget-friendly way to keep your tomatoes upright.
Vertical Trellis
Since indeterminate tomato varieties can grow vines up to 20 feet long, a vertical trellis is a great way to save space while allowing your tomatoes to grow as much as possible.
There are plenty of vertical trellis options available, and you can prune indeterminate tomatoes to fit your available space without losing some of your harvest.
Standard Tomato Cages
Standard tomato cages are the easiest to find and are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. They are an all-in-one support system for tomato plants.
Determinate varieties of tomatoes work best with standard tomato cages, especially if they don’t get much taller than 4 feet, which is the largest cage size you can get.
Concrete Remesh Cages
Concrete remesh cages may be an expensive DIY project, but they are the longest-lasting and most durable way to support both determinate and indeterminate tomato plants.
Aside from its durability, a major benefit of concrete remesh cages is that the space between wires is big enough to get your hands through for minor pruning and harvesting.