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Faux Brick
To give the illusion of a loft-like appearance in your home, create a faux brick backsplash in the kitchen. You can use brick-patterned wallpaper or fake brick panels to achieve this gorgeous look.
Murals are a great way to incorporate some art into any room without having to deal with any pesky picture frames. Focus your mural backsplash on food or your favorite restaurant to bring creativity into your kitchen.
Glittery Mirrored Tile
Bring the party to your kitchen via your dazzling décor choices! With tiles that are both mirrored and glittery, this creative backsplash is like a shiny disco ball.
If you love an ombré look when it comes to hair, then you might adore that same style on your backsplash. Select a darker color like red and gently fade it into a lighter color like white to bring two different tones into your kitchen.
Gorgeous Green
Subway tile backsplashes have been popular for quite a while now but are usually seen in white. However, you can shake things up and add a pop of gorgeous color to your kitchen by using forest green subway tiles.