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55 Trendiest Home Décor Ideas
Macramé has been making a steady comeback for a couple of years, both as a creative hobby and as a form of household décor. Hung with care, it really adds to a room, and the Spruce Crafts has some instructions on how to get started if you want to make some of your own knotted décor.
Blanket Ladders
Whether you use it in the bedroom for extra throw blankets or in the living room, blanket ladders offer a stylish way to keep extra warmth nearby without cluttering up couches or requiring you to dig through a closet or drawer when you're chilly.
Floral Wall Art
Art doesn't have to be complex. If you have a green thumb and want to embrace the beauty of houseplants even in rooms without ample light for real plant life, create or invest in some "green" art. From ferns to leafy plants, this art will make your home feel alive.
Cozy Blankets
If you're working on maximizing the cozy, comfortable feeling of hygge in your home, you're going to want some big comfy blankets to keep warm with. They're perfect in the bedroom, of course, but work great for any space in the house in which you want to relax.
Live Plants
Whether you're a pro or beginner, live plants always make wonderful home décor. If you want plants that don't need a lot of attention, look into succulents and cactus plants — they need less watering than most plants and are often more forgiving when neglected for a bit.