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8 Best Ways
To Get Rid Of
Soapy Water
The chemicals in dish soap kill bagworms when it penetrates their protective wax coats, so pick up the bags, crack them open, and drop them in a bucket of warm, soapy water. This technique works best in autumn and winter when the bags drop naturally from trees.
Predatory Birds
Titmice, chickadees, and nuthatches prey on bagworms, especially in June when they have babies to feed. Plant deciduous trees, broadleaf evergreens, and shrubs to encourage these birds to stay in your yard, providing a natural defense against a potential invasion.
Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) can reduce bagworms by 50% and is completely safe for humans and animals. Apply BT products like Thuricide and Dipel every 10 days until the bagworms are gone, but know that this only works on the newly-hatched moths looking for food in June.
Neem Oil
Diluting neem oil with water can kill bagworms when you spray it on infested trees or soak the young worms in a bucket of the mixture. Note that this method only kills bagworms in pupating or hatching stages, and you should always wear protective gear while working with neem oil.
Trichogramma Wasps
Trichogramma wasps are a parasitic species that only live for 14 days, but a single female wasp can kill up to 300 bagworm eggs within that short time. Introducing the wasps in May yields the best results and is a great bagworm-killing method for people allergic to insecticides.