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8 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Robins
Get Rid Of Food Source
Like most birds, a robin's diet is made up of seeds, berries, and bugs like beetles, mealworms, and earthworms. While worms can be hard to get rid of, eliminating beetles can help deter robins and protect your plants from the detrimental effects of the beetles themselves.
Get Rid Of Nests
While having baby robins around may sound cute, the birds often make a big mess when feeding their babies. However, if the robins have already laid eggs, wait until the babies have flown off, which usually happens around 13 days after they hatch.
Use Screens
Robins nest in areas that are convenient, protected, and comfortable for them, like light fixtures and gutters. To prevent this, you can cut mesh screens to block off these spots alongside roofs, chimneys, and solar panels.
Net Gardens
Netting your garden will protect your plants and prevent robins and other critters from eating your veggies and berries. You can use pre-made structures or cheaper, DIY methods, but make sure the netting still allows for sun and rain to reach your plants.
Put Up Wind Chimes
While wind chimes are relaxing for many people, the loud and deep tones freak out birds and help to keep them away. However, birds can eventually get used to the sounds, and smaller wind chimes that make softer sounds might attract them.