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8 Easiest Ways To Clean Vinyl Floors
If you're having a hard time removing a mark or stain, then your best plan of action is to bust out the WD-40 from the garage. Attack the scuff with the WD-40 lubricant, and then buff it away with a soft cloth. 
Dish Soap
Instead of using a commercial floor cleaner, take a bucket of warm water and mix it with a few drops of dish soap. This simple cleaning solution will be strong enough to effectively clean your floors, but you will need to rinse your floor afterward to avoid leaving a soap buildup.
Water & Vinegar
For a milder cleaning solution, mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with one gallon of warm water to break down the grime on your floor without leaving a soapy film afterward. You can also swap out the apple cider vinegar for white vinegar if you also want to disinfect your floors.
Baking Soda
When accidents happen, you want to immediately attack stains with baking soda, but if it’s already set in, make a paste consisting of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of water. Apply the paste a few times until the discoloration begins to fade, then wipe away with a clean, soft cloth.
Baby Oil
If you feel like your vinyl flooring is looking dull, add three to five drops of baby oil to a gallon of warm water to polish your floors. To kill two birds with one stone, you can also add a cup of vinegar to the bucket to both polish and disinfect the floor at the same time.