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8 Genius Tricks To
Get Rid Of Grasshoppers In Your Backyard
Mow The Lawn
Grasshoppers love an overgrown yard with tall grass, so get rid of a growing population of grasshoppers in your yard by mowing
your lawn once a week.
Newly hatched grasshopper nymphs will eat weeds, so make sure to clear these out to get rid of their food source, thus limiting the grasshopper population in your garden.
Till Your Soil
Kill off eggs to destroy a grasshopper infestation by tilling the soil. In the spring, till the soil to destroy any eggs laid by grasshoppers the previous summer.
When you break up the soil with tilling to fend off grasshoppers, your plants will have a better chance to take root, flourish, access oxygen, and develop without stress.
Attract Birds
Naturally bring in things that love to eat grasshoppers such as birds — especially Bluebirds, Cardinals, Orioles, and Swallows.
Mow the grass circling your garden at 6 feet wide, which will give grasshoppers no place to hide and make it the perfect spot for birds and other grasshopper eaters to spot them.
Get Chickens
Chickens will keep your population of grasshoppers at bay because they are incredibly fond of chasing down grasshoppers
and eating them.
If you're seriously considering getting chickens to devour grasshoppers in your yard, check your local laws with BackYardChickens.com,
which is a great resource.
DIY garlic
SF Gate showcases how you can easily get rid of grasshoppers in your garden by creating a garlic spray since grasshoppers really dislike garlic.
Bring 10 cups of water to a boil and mix in two crushed garlic bulbs. Let the mixture settle throughout the night, then add the mixture to a spray bottle in the morning.