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9 Clever Hacks HGTV Stars Use To Keep Their Home Fresh-Smelling
1. Genevieve Gorder: Dried Herbs And Flowers
Gorder’s home has subtle accents of dried herbs and flowers that keep “entertaining the nose.” She said, “[They] take you to a different place as soon as you walk in the door.”
You can buy dried herbs and flowers at most home goods stores, usually sold in sets called potpourri, or create pressed flowers at home and enhance their scent with essential oils.
2. Erin Napier: Ozone Generator
Napier tweeted, “PSA: We are working on a house that has been smoked in for many, many years. [...] An ozone generator that cost $99 has completely gotten rid of the smell.”
An ozone generator is like
a heavy-duty air purifier that creates ozone (O3) which removes harmful chemicals in the air. It’s best to run this machine when you aren't in the house.
3. Joanna Gaines: Simmer Pots
Gaines has an alternative if your potpourri’s scent isn't strong enough to fill the whole house. She wrote on her Magnolia blog, “A simmer pot is essentially a stovetop potpourri.”
She suggests a citrus recipe of mixing 2 sprigs of rosemary, 1 tbsp dried lavender, a few lemon slices or peels, 3 cups of water, and rose essential oils in a low-heat simmer pot.
4. Sandra Rinomato: Candles
Lighting up a classic candle can make your home feel cozy and smell fresh. Rinomato said, “Candles [...] immediately put me at ease. They've been a part of my home for years.”
When selecting a candle, the most important factor to consider — no matter the cost, color, burn time, size, or even which celebrity's name is on the side — is the candle’s smell.
5. Nate Berkus And Jeremiah Brent: Burn Incense
Berkus shared that his husband Jeremiah Brent introduced him to ritually burning incense in the mornings. He said, “There's something really beautiful about the ceremony of that.”
Incense is a fantastic, subtle scent that elevates the entire home's smell. If you are having guests over, burn it a little before they arrive to give the smoke time to spread out.