Colorful cushions on a sofa
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9 Genius Ways To Upcycle Old Cushions Around Your Home
Pet Bed
You can turn your old sofa cushion into a bed for your smaller pets by placing it in one of your pets' sleep spots. If you have a larger pet, sew multiple cushions together.
Tote Bag
Tote bags and cushion covers have similar construction, so you can convert cushion covers into tote bags by removing their stuffing and adding handles.
If the cushion doesn't already have a side that opens or closes with a zipper, open up a side with a seam ripper or scissors, then sew the raw edges so the fabric doesn't fray.
Seat Cushion
Consider creating removable cushions for your wood, metal, and plastic chairs to add comfort to these pieces of furniture.
Attach two ribbons to two corners of your old cushion, and you'll have a seat cushion that you can tie to the back of your chair, remove when it's not necessary, and even wash.
Pillow Stuffing
Even if you throw an old cushion cover away, you can repurpose the stuffing to fluff up an old pillow or use it to create stuffed animals and draft blockers.
Packing Material
Old cushions can keep fragile items safe. Keep them as they are to fill large gaps, or remove the stuffing and use them as packing peanuts or crinkle paper.