close-up of snake in yard
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9 Unexpected Reasons Snakes Won't Leave Your Yard
Your firewood has lots of places for snakes to hide, and they provide a warm place for them in winter. Rodents also make their nests there, providing food for snakes.
Piles of leaves and sticks attract snakes as they provide moist, undisturbed shelter where they can lay their eggs. These spots also attract mice and insects for them to eat.
Bird Feeder
Your bird feeder lures birds, who become easy targets for snakes to prey on. It's better to put out bird feeders during the colder months when snakes are less active.
Water snakes live in bodies of water and feed on fish and toads that also inhabit water, so they'll be attracted to the pond in your yard.
Crawl Space
The damp, undisturbed space under your house provides a comfortable place for snakes to make a nest and lay their eggs. To keep them out, ensure all openings are sealed.