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WD-40 Will Make Clogged Shower Heads A Thing Of
The Past
WD-40 can be an effective tool for cleaning shower heads clogged with soap scum and mildew. First, open the shower head by removing its screws to expose the grime-coated interior.
Next, spray WD-40 liberally inside the plate, allowing it to penetrate and soften the buildup. Then, use a soft bristle brush to scrub away the grime, focusing on the outlet holes.
For stubborn spots, apply more WD-40 and use a hard bristle denture brush, which can reach narrow crevices due to its smaller size. Once you’re done, reassemble the shower head.
It's crucial to thoroughly rinse the shower head with soap and warm water after cleaning to prevent any skin irritation and avoid creating a slippery surface in
the shower.
Additionally, WD-40 may not be effective against limescale, a common issue in areas with hard water. In such cases, soaking the shower head in vinegar is a
better alternative.