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A Certain Type Of Mulch Will Keep Snakes From Invading Your Garden
There are plenty of ways to get rid of garter snakes and many other species, and one effective method to deter them is to use mulches that they find unpleasant.
Snakes slither across the ground, so they don’t like sharp mulch that scratches up their bellies. Cedar mulch is particularly effective since it is toxic to reptiles.
Only use cedar if you have a severe snake problem and no local or pet reptiles that could be affected. Also, be aware that cedar mulch can damage plants by releasing acetic acid.
Some mulches will actually entice snakes. Mulches like straw or hay create perfect crevices for snakes to slither into and call home, and other soft mulches can also be appealing.
A thick layer of mulch is a giant welcome sign for snakes, so use as thin a layer as possible with the sharpest mulches you have, as long as it's safe to do so in your garden.