Water pooling on patio
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A Genius Tip That'll Help Prevent Standing Water Around Your Patio
If you’ve got a drill and the right type of bit, you can fix the problem of standing water on your patio by drilling several 1-inch diameter drainage holes where the water pools.
If your patio is made of anything other than stone, you can use a standard drill and a 1-inch masonry bit, as they’re made from tungsten and steel for penetrating hard surfaces.
Make a nick on the surface where you'll be placing the tip of the drill bit, then drill slowly without pushing too hard. Make sure to take breaks periodically to let the bit cool.
For stone pavers, experts recommend using a diamond bit and a regular drill. These bits use diamond particles to cut out “plugs” of stone instead of carving a hole like other bits.
To keep your diamond bit cool as you drill, create a barrier out of plumber's putty around where you'll be drilling and keep adding small amounts of water to it as you work.
Start the hole with the bit at an angle, then straighten it as you drill. Once you've drilled through to the ground under your paving, fill the holes with gravel to conceal them.