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A Guide To Leveling Your Backyard In 5 Easy Steps
A simple and traditional method of leveling your backyard uses a water level made from clear tubing, wooden stakes, food coloring, a water container, and some nails.
Fasten the tubes to the stakes using a nail or flexible ties, with the open end facing up. Fill the tubes with 2 to 3 inches of water and add coloring for a more precise level.
Seal the tube with your thumb, insert the stakes in two affected ends of your yard, secure the stakes with tape, then check to see where the depression is that you need to fill in.
Place your self-leveling landscape laser on a flat surface or tripod and let it adjust before measuring the height of the ground to be filled to make it level.
You’ll have to adjust the screws on a manual laser until the bubble is level. Repeat this process until you’ve marked out the area that needs to be filled with soil or debris.
If your yard has depressions after you’ve removed tree stumps or plants, first clear away any grass covering the area, then lightly moisten the soil to soften it.
Next, use a shovel or spade to fill the depression with topsoil until it’s level with the surrounding ground. Afterward, replace the grass to stop the topsoil from washing away.